FRC 4607 Coalition Of Independent Students

CIS 4607 (Original).pngFRC 4607 Coalition Of Independent Students

FRC 4607 CIS is a student-run robotics team that strives to produce tomorrow’s leaders by providing young adults with valuable engineering and business experience, act as a catalyst for a culture in which STEM concepts are widely celebrated, and build a solid foundation of opportunities for students upon which to build future success.

Innovation cannot happen in isolation.

Why FRC?
FRC is global high school robotics competition, originally founded by Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen in 1992.  Since then, the FIRST Robotics Competition has spread to many cultures, infusing its core values of gracious professional and coopertiton into everyday culture.  These core values have driven FRC teams to new levels, reforming society’s modern culture to celebrate STEM.


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